Continuous transmission issue.

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Continuous transmission issue.

I'm trying to send the 4k buffer of float to string converted data from
http_client to http_server. Connection established and able to send the data
but after the first transmission there is no more transmission. A new IP
address is assigning after the first transmission. I was unable to find why
the second IP is generating and the issue where it is going wrong. If I
tried with the predefined 4k string buffer it is working fine without any
errors continuously sending the data to http_server. I'm sharing some screen

screenshot with the real time float to string converted data sending
In this screenshot we can see that a new IP is assigning after the first

screenshot with the predefined string data sending
in this screenshot we can see a continuous data is transmitting with the
fixed buffer.

I'm using client poll after the buffer conversion in a while loop for
continuous transmission.

err_t client_poll(void *arg, struct tcp_pcb *pcb)
     struct pbuf *pbuf = NULL;
     err_t ret_code = ERR_OK;

     pbuf = pbuf_alloc(PBUF_TRANSPORT, strlen(string), PBUF_RAM);
     if(pbuf != NULL)
        data_send = false;

        strcpy( pbuf->payload,string);

        (void) tcp_write(pcb, pbuf->payload, pbuf->len, 1);
        tcp_sent(pcb, sent);


        if(1 == client_close)
        ret_code = tcp_close(pcb);

        data_send = true;

     return ret_code;

Can any one guide me to over come this issue.


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