FreeRTOS + Lwip, transmit gets BLOCKED

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FreeRTOS + Lwip, transmit gets BLOCKED




I have STM32F407 running FreeRTOS + Lwip (netconn). I have several tasks. Only one Task1 is transmitting continously small packets (85 bytes) every 5 miliseconds on ethernet.

Transmitting is randomly paused for a long time (cca 1-2 sec) then it is resumed.


Task1 in function lwip_netconn_do_write() takes the semaphore by sys_arch_sem_wait(LWIP_API_MSG_SEM(msg), 0) and Task1 gets BLOCKED. It remains blocked for cca 1-2 seconds.

When tcpip_thread in function lwip_netconn_do_writemore() gives semaphore by sys_sem_signal(op_completed_sem) then Task1 gets finally READY.


Please do you have idea why this is happening for such a long time?





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