LWIP MQTT+HTTPd with ssi

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LWIP MQTT+HTTPd with ssi

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Re: LWIP MQTT+HTTPd with ssi

"JJ" wrote:

> I’m using your MQTT client app with success.  
> But when I activate HTTPD in LWIP, the SSI codes are not parsed anymore if
> MQTT client is active.
> I mean:
> 1. If I activate only HTTPD + SSi it works as expected.
> 2. If I activate only MQTT it works as expected.
> 3. If I activate HTTPD+SSI and MQTT, MQTT works as expected.  HTTPD works,
> but SSI codes are not parsed anymore, they are printed as strings onto the
> web pages. And, moreover, the page is rendered very slow in Chrome and
> Firefox, but normally fast in Edge.
> May someone help me in finding the issue?

Both MQTT and HTTPD are separate apps. They don't have anything to do
with each other, so I see no apparent reason for your problem.

I guess you'll need to find that out yourself. Watch out for misconfigurations...


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