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Another thing to do us use a terminal program such as RealTerm or Tera Term
set up as either a TCP server or client and practice connecting to them
I have only used Tera Term in a client mode.
For Real term you have to do something that was not obvious to me at first.
Select the "Port" tab. Then in the Port dialog type "server:telnet" and this
will make a telnet serve on your computers port 23.   You can set other
ports I believe with something like this "" for port 9876.

I found it helpful to use Wireshark with a filter for your sending and
receiving IP addresses.  Here is a filter I used
(ip.src == &&  ip.dst==  ) || (ip.src ==
&&  ip.dst==
My Windows host computer is and our embedded LAN product is

Our embedded LAN is a Texas Instrument TM4C1294 and the TCP server is one of
the reference projects and uses LWIP.
It is a project called "enet_s2e" in the TivaWare_C_Series-  That
example is no longer in the most recent TivaWare so you have to find the
older series.

Hope this helps and if so say what helped.

Lee Erickson
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Hi Lee,

Thanks for your response (I've copied and pasted it below to ensure it's
part of this thread moving forward).

I was able to follow along with your code, thank you for sharing it.

At this stage it would be particularly helpful if anyone had any specific
lwIP code or advice as to how I should proceed. I will play with some
polling-based connection attempt approaches (using Lee's input as a
reference), but any additional guidance in the meantime would be greatly

> Hello I hope I am replying to this correctly or some one will tell me how.
> Regarding the TCP client development,
> I wrote both a server and client in Processing where I could rapidly
> develop
> them. I did it to help our development and test of an embedded product and
> the PC and Android applications that connect to and control our product
> through TCP socket.   My two Processing creations allowed us to test each
> independently.
> For client See my github at:
> This is the server:
> You will have to read the code to see the keyboard commands to change
> server
> status, but only if you want to.
> I hope this is of use and feel free to explain any confusion you have.
> If Processing does not intimidate you (it's super easy) I advise you start
> by running on one Windows PC both the server and client and play with
> them.
> Run them in any order and close in any order.
> (Forrest) Lee Erickson
> P.S. If I have one supper power it would be called novel spelling.

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