Multiple instance of lwip on Windows

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Multiple instance of lwip on Windows

Giuseppe Modugno
I have a project that uses lwip/pcapif on Windows and it works well.

I wanted to run two instances of the same program with different mac
address, ip address and so on. I started patching
pcapif_low_level_init() to retrieve the mac address from an externa
function (the original code used a fixed mac address):

static void
pcapif_low_level_init(struct netif *netif)
   u8_t my_mac_addr[ETH_HWADDR_LEN];     // = LWIP_MAC_ADDR_BASE;
   int adapter_num = PACKET_LIB_ADAPTER_NR;

However even after this change, two instances don't work simultaneously.

Do you know why? Is it a limitation of pcap libraries?

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