New to LwIp - a few questions for a new exotic port

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New to LwIp - a few questions for a new exotic port

Ivan Warren

I am new to LwIp and I have a hobby project which involves getting an IP
stack to run on a legacy system that is neither unix nor windows. (IBM
VM/370 Hypervisor and CMS for those wondering)

I already have enough done so that I can cross compile a C program on a
linux system.. I have my own minimal C Library.. , link edit and run
such program on that OS (which has no multithreading - yet).

My question is as follows :

How do I create my own platform port (I can handle writing netif
drivers, creating cc.h/arch_sys.[ch] and lwipopts.h) using the cmake
build system without messing around with the LwIp source tree ?

Ideally I was thinking (maybe I am being naive) that I could have :

- /path_to_lwip_source/ (git clone/pull - I'd rather not touch this
unless I want to make a change for patch submission to lwip_devel for
general interest)

- /path_to_my_port/.../my port files (my own stuff... specific netif..
sys/arch/cc specific stuff)

- /path_to_build/ (out of source build) then cmake /path_to_my_port/ and
get LwIp and my port objects built according to instructions for my port
(only need the .o and .a built.. the rest goes through some post
processing to accomodate my exotic OS)

So I wonder :

- What should be the file structure for the files in /path_to_my_port/... ?

- What should CMakefile.txt then contain ? (maybe it's there, but I'm
not sure where)

... or ....

Am I missing something ?

Sorry for the long question...


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