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POST message Length Limitation

Siva Munnaluri
Hi LWIP Team,

We are using
for posting JSON data from a web page. If the JSON characters are more than
3000, entire data is not available on web server side.

In lwipopts.h we found a vairable TCP_MSS which we set to (3000- 40). If we
increase it to 400 we are getting lwip_sanity_check

#if TCP_SNDLOWAT >= (0xFFFF - (4 * TCP_MSS))
#error "lwip_sanity_check: WARNING: TCP_SNDLOWAT must at least be 4*MSS
below u16_t overflow!"

Is there a way to accept POST messages with more than 3000 characters. Our
requirement is to post 15000 characters of JSON data.


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