PPP CHAP Response repeatedly results in further CHAP Challenges

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PPP CHAP Response repeatedly results in further CHAP Challenges


I have been stuck for some time while implementing PPP on our platform (info
at the end of this message).

Everything works fine until LCP succeeds and we move to
PPP_PHASE_AUTHENTICATE. The problem is that in this phase while using CHAP
or any other kind of Authentication, the CHAP Response results in repeatedly
receiving the same CHAP Challenge from the modem again and again. This
Challenge/Response cycle repeats for about 6 times until I receive NO
CARRIER from the modem.

The modem does not require authentication but I anyway call:

If I opt to proceed without any authentication and go directly to
PPP_PHASE_NETWORK, lwIP keeps sending the IPCP ConfReqs, which do not result
in any Response from the modem at all.

We have the same modem on a different platform (Espressif based MCU and lwIP
version 1.5.0 modified by Espressif) and we use the same PPP_AUTH_USERNAME
and PPP_AUTH_PASSWORD there as well. On this platform however, we do not see
any issues. The CHAP Response results in CHAP Success in the first attempt.
The following IPCP Conf also succeeds without any issues.

This is very confusing to me as I cannot figure out why the PPP does not
work on STM platform. I have also tried turning off/on VJ Comp and CCP.

I would greatly appreciate any kind of help.

I have attached four files:
1) PPP FAIL log while doing Authentication
2) PPP FAIL log skipping Auth phase and doing Network Conf directly
3) PPP PASS log from other platform
4) lwipopts.h

lwipopts.h <http://lwip.100.n7.nabble.com/file/t2351/lwipopts.h>  

FreeRTOS: 10.0.0

lwIP:         v2.0.3

MCU:         STM32L496

Modem:     Fibocom NL-668

Thanks very much.

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