Problem by IP REASSEMBLY and pbuf

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Problem by IP REASSEMBLY and pbuf

Amir Bukhari-4

When I activate IP_REASSEMBLY and ping my system with big packets (30Kb), the pbuf got currupted,

Exactly here (in ip_reass(..) :
for (q = p; q != NULL; q = q->next) {
          /* Copy enough bytes to fill this pbuf in the chain. The
             available data in the pbuf is given by the q->len variable. */
           ("ip_reass: memcpy from %p (%"S16_F") to %p, %"S16_F" bytes\n",
            (void *)&ip_reassbuf[i], i, q->payload,
            q->len > ip_reasslen - i ? ip_reasslen - i : q->len));
            //kprintf("q=%p i=%d q->next = %p \n", q, i, q->next);
          memcpy(q->payload, &ip_reassbuf[i],
            q->len > ip_reasslen - i ? ip_reasslen - i : q->len);
          i += q->len;
The q->next at somepoint it point to invalid memory address!!
It seems to be a compiler problem. I use lwip with MPC5200 and powerpc is very sensitive to memory alignment.
I solved the problem by using __attribute__ ((__aligned__(32))). 32 is optimise for cache line.
In ip_frags I set the following:
static u8_t ip_reassbuf[IP_HLEN + IP_REASS_BUFSIZE]  __attribute__ ((__aligned__(32)));
static u8_t ip_reassbitmap[IP_REASS_BUFSIZE / (8 * 8) + 1]  __attribute__ ((__aligned__(32)));

in pbuf.c
static u8_t pbuf_pool_memory[MEM_ALIGNMENT - 1 + PBUF_POOL_SIZE * MEM_ALIGN_SIZE(PBUF_POOL_BUFSIZE + sizeof(struct pbuf))] __attribute__ ((__aligned__(32)));

is any idea to make this universal, for example using struct as different compiler can determine the align here.

I have arrived a ping of 50Kb in my system with:
ping -s 50024 -f
and lost only one packet like:
163 packets transmitted, 162 received, 0% packet loss, time 1959ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 11.106/11.130/11.567/0.103 ms, pipe 2, ipg/ewma 12.097/11.128 ms

but over 650024 I got 100% lost.
I use pbuf pools and PBUF_POOL_BUFSIZE size is a 1536 bytes and PBUF_POOL_SIZE is 2048.

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