Reporting crashes found by running a fuzzing campaign

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Reporting crashes found by running a fuzzing campaign

Hiromasa Ito
Hi, all.

I have written a new test driver and ran a fuzzing campaign on lwIP with American Fuzzy Lop (AFL).
As a result, I have found nine crashes caused by assertion failures, and they seem to be bugs.
I have already reported two of them, but still have seven crashes not reported.

There for, I have two questions for developers.

First, how should I report these unreported crashes?
Should I report them individually, like the ones above?
If needed, I can upload the test driver, crashed inputs, and the source codes of lwIP I used.

Second, can I write about these crashes in my academic paper?
I'm a master's student in computer science in Japan.
If any bugs cause these crashes, I'd like to write about them in my paper.
If it is inconvenient, please let me know.

Best regards,

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