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Some questions about ARP...

Frédéric BERNON
Hi group,

In the change log, it is written :

 * TODO: the ARP layer is not protected against concurrent access. If
    you run from a multitasking OS, serialize access to ARP (called from
    your network device driver and from a timeout thread.)

Is anyone have some informations to know where to protect the ARP layer ?

The gratuitous ARP seems to be disable in netif.c (in netif_set_ipaddr(...)). Anyone knows why? Is it done directly in etharp.c ? I don't find it...

#if 0 /* only allowed for Ethernet interfaces TODO: how can we check? */
  /** For Ethernet network interfaces, we would like to send a
   *  "gratuitous ARP"; this is an ARP packet sent by a node in order
   *  to spontaneously cause other nodes to update an entry in their
   *  ARP cache. From RFC 3220 "IP Mobility Support for IPv4" section 4.6.
  etharp_query(netif, ipaddr, NULL);

Thank you for your informations...
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