Too many Loses: UDP Iperf server

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Too many Loses: UDP Iperf server

Hi All,

I am using LWIP-2.03, and
I am developing a small UDP(RAW) iperf server. I know that UDP is not
connection oriented, however, I see that when I connect to the server, I
loose almost half of all transmitted packets from the client.

With TCP_RAW Iperf server, I am able to achieve 10Mbits/sec, while with UDP
I can barely achieve 600Kbits/sec.

From the client using a iperf -c -u -t 3 it sends 269 datagrams
to the server, while the server receives many times *less than half of it.

The client is a PC while the server is on a WiFi board.

Any hints are welcome.


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