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UDP server callback



I created UDP server with LwIP stack on STM32F407. I tried example udp_echo _server. It works.

Now I need send from server my own answer data in callback function.

The program hangs in callback function.

void udp_echoserver_receive_callback(void *arg, struct udp_pcb *upcb, struct pbuf *p, const ip_addr_t *addr, u16_t port)



   unsigned char buffer[80] = "my name is xxxxxxx";


    p->payload = buffer;

    p->len = p->tot_len = 20;


    /* Connect to the remote client */

    udp_connect(upcb, addr, UDP_CLIENT_PORT);


    /* Tell the client that we have accepted it */

    udp_send(upcb, p);



    /* free the UDP connection, so we can accept new clients */




    /* Free the p buffer */



What is wrong ?

Is somewhere on web LwIP stack guide?

 Thank you





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