lwIP, FreeRTOS, STM32: SSL client "hangs" on semaphore take using infinite timeout

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lwIP, FreeRTOS, STM32: SSL client "hangs" on semaphore take using infinite timeout


I've noticed and at last analyzed/debug the nasty situation, where my SSL
client task suddenly "hangs" with no further action.

I've analyzed the situation and it seems that it hangs on taking a semaphore
with infinite timeout inside LwIP part.

I was quite surprised, because I've noticed, that semaphore is taken
(called) by using infinite timeout. That means that task will never resume
or know that something is wrong (it basically tries to take semaphore to
send a message through LwIP). Shouldn't such code always be written in more
non-blocking manner and return in some finite time interval if no semaphore
is available...

How is this possible to have such code solutions in such known library as
AFAIK, blocking calls should be avoided, particularly if they show potential
to be blocking forever.

Are there any other option to prevent such situations (maybe some task
watchdog, or task supervision from another task, etc...) ? If you can point
me to usefull info, I'd much appreciate.

There is a setting in the LwIP code that enables/disables IP Core Locking -
Has anyone any idea, what happens if I disable that setting ?

Thanks in advance,

Call Stack (from bottom -> up - lines executed are in bold):

/in sys_arch_sem_wait() at sys_arch.c:322 0x802ecc6   :   /
#if (osCMSIS < 0x20000U)
   *while(osSemaphoreWait (*sem, osWaitForever) != osOK);*
   return (osKernelSysTick() - starttime);
   while(osSemaphoreAcquire(*sem, osWaitForever) != osOK);
   return (osKernelGetTickCount() - starttime);

/in lwip_netconn_do_write() at api_msg.c:1.675 0x801ff28       / 
 * Send some data on a TCP pcb contained in a netconn
 * Called from netconn_write
 * @param m the api_msg_msg pointing to the connection
lwip_netconn_do_write(void *m)
 struct api_msg *msg = (struct api_msg*)m;
 if (ERR_IS_FATAL(msg->conn->last_err)) {
   msg->err = msg->conn->last_err;
 } else {
   if (NETCONNTYPE_GROUP(msg->conn->type) == NETCONN_TCP) {
     if (msg->conn->state != NETCONN_NONE) {
       /* netconn is connecting, closing or in blocking write */
       msg->err = ERR_INPROGRESS;
     } else if (msg->conn->pcb.tcp != NULL) {
       msg->conn->state = NETCONN_WRITE;
       /* set all the variables used by lwip_netconn_do_writemore */
       LWIP_ASSERT("already writing or closing", msg->conn->current_msg ==
         msg->conn->write_offset == 0);
       LWIP_ASSERT("msg->msg.w.len != 0", msg->msg.w.len != 0);
       msg->conn->current_msg = msg;
       msg->conn->write_offset = 0;
       if (lwip_netconn_do_writemore(msg->conn, 0) != ERR_OK) {
         LWIP_ASSERT("state!", msg->conn->state == NETCONN_WRITE);
     *    sys_arch_sem_wait(LWIP_API_MSG_SEM(msg), 0);*
         LWIP_ASSERT("state!", msg->conn->state != NETCONN_WRITE);
       /* for both cases: if lwip_netconn_do_writemore was called, don't ACK
          since lwip_netconn_do_writemore ACKs it! */
     } else {
       msg->err = ERR_CONN;
#else /* LWIP_TCP */
     msg->err = ERR_VAL;
#endif /* LWIP_TCP */
   } else {
     msg->err = ERR_VAL;
#endif /* (LWIP_UDP || LWIP_RAW) */

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