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lwIP + uVNC or Contiki

Davide Visconti

Hi to all, I'm a new member on the list.
I have a Evaluetion Board AT91SAM7X-EK with a AT91SAM7X256 microcontroller.
I have compiled the demo lwIP on FreeRTOS and it work fine !
I can make this through Eclipse, Cygwin, arm-elf.gcc, etc... or through a
simple DOS window
Today, I have see that with a lot of patience, I can debug my firmware with
arm-elf-insight debugger + JLinkGDBserver.exe (because I have a SAM-ICE

Now, after this premised, I have a simple question...
Can I put over lwIP a small VNC interface?
Over internet I have read that Contiki or uVNC is compatible with uIP stack
but I can't use this, with my lwIP ???

Thank you very much in advance,
Best regard,

Ps: sorry for my bad English

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