lwip UDP sockets problem

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lwip UDP sockets problem

Hi, my english is very bad..sorry about it.

I am trying to make a UDP sockets server with lwIP stack. I have make liblwip.a but i have any problems to link with my serversocket.c.

error SYS_MBOX_NULL undeclared
error SYS_SEM_NULL undeclared

if I change the lwipopts.h to NO_SYS 1 then:

reference sys_sem_new undefined
reference sys_mbox_post undefined
reference sys_sem_signal undefined
reference lwip_tcp_event undefined

I have seen diferents lwipopts.h, what lwipopts.h I need??
If anyone can help me....Thank you.

My serversocket.c use lwip_socket, lwip_bind, lwip_recvfrom, lwip_sento functions.