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netconn + netbuf_alloc + POOLS

I have just starting to port my working RAW Api (UDP) to Netconn (FreeRTOS).
I would like to use only static allocation (PBUF_POOLS).

Sending UDP packets (FreeRTOS + Netconn API) works well but I am a little
bit concerned. Inside netbuf_alloc() there is pbuf allocation using PBUF_RAM

Is there another implementation using static allocation?
Despite the fact that I want to use static memory allocation (macro
MEM_USE_POOLS 1) in the LwIP there are similar places when allocation is
being made such a way.

How should I work with that? Can I change PBUF_RAM to PBUF_POOL inside
pbuf_alloc()? Or there is other solution?

Thanks for help.

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